Our learning assessments usually cost $2,050.00. This is true if we are assessing for 1 issue, like a learning disability. If there are more questions to answer like: does the child have a learning disability and/or ADHD, then the cost goes up slightly. We will let you know if we think there is another issue to be assessed during the assessment process; your consent is needed before we proceed as well. Please see the table under the Assessments Fee tab for rates.

Our in-office fees vary depending on who you see in the practice. We range from $100.00 to $165.00 per hour.

We also have assistant therapists who are closely supervised. Their hourly rate ranges from $45.00 to $75.00. Assistant therapists do not work on their own; they are supervised by a more senior staff member, so there are costs associated with that supervision.

It is greatly appreciated to receive payment at the end of each session. For services outside of the offices, clients are billed at the end of the month. Payment is greatly appreciated within one month.

  • e-transfer *
  • certified cheque
  • cash

* Delivered a minimum 3 business days in advance (due to bank delays)

Assessment Deposit Required: There is a $1,000.00 deposit required on the first day of the assessment for most assessments.

Assessment Cost
Learning Difficulties ¹ $2,050.00
Learning Difficulties + ADHD ¹ $2,250.00
ADHD ¹ $1,050.00 - $1,650.0
Autism Screening $500.00
Autism ¹ $2,150.00
Autism for adults ³ $2,330.00
Autism + Learning Difficulties ¹ $2,950.00
Autism + Learning Difficulties + Emotional Difficulties $3,130.00
Autism + Learning Difficulties for adults ³ $3,130.00
Giftedness $1,050.00 - $1,650.00
Giftedness + Learning Difficulties $2,050.00
Giftedness + ADHD ¹ $2,050.00
Giftedness + ADHD + Learning Difficulties ¹ $2,250.00
Intellectual Disability $1,050.00 - $1,650.00
Emotional Difficulties ² $165.00/hr (conducted during regular office visits)

¹ Often includes screening for emotional & behavioural difficulties.
² Such as anxiety or depression.
³ Includes a 1-hour consultation with a psychologist who works with adults.

Often times, when a child or youth is referred for emotional or behavioural difficulties, parents are looking for therapy, not just an assessment. Personal/family history is usually taken during the 1-hour office appointments, and questionnaires are given to be completed. Assessing the emotional difficulties are part of the cost of therapy.